Hi, I'm Valeriu Caraulean, a Software engeneer.
Enthusiast developer and architect with main focus on everything around .NET and some Microsoft technologies -- about me


Quick tip - if Git can't find your global config... If you’ve put (or want to put) your .gitconfig in your home directory (C:\Users\username\) and git cannot find it you may try to add a user variable called HOME and set it to %USERPROFILE%. See screenshot for details: Useful commands:... Read more

Nostalgy. My early days as a software developer ... Something brought up old memories from the days when I’ve been working in Embedded Systems development. I’m third from the left… The “big thing” in the back is a Diesel engine stripped from a big ship. Converted to an internal... Read more

Improving writing skills Writing is (still) one of the important skills for anybody engaged in IT. I wrote about it more than one year ago when I had to go over a bunch of CVs. I haven’t changed my mind since and it’s... Read more

MIX11 day two, Windows Phone 7 announcements I’ve bee watching Channel 9 with WP7 announcements and there are very interesting things that are coming to the platform, both developer and end-user oriented. In no particular order, with my comments: Jump list (on letters using LongListSelector) and app search directly in application... Read more

MIX11's first day keynote on Web Platform. My impressions... Web technologies are one of gray areas in my career as a professional Software Engeneer. Historically, since I started working closely with .NET platform (2004 I think) I’ve been involved in server side and desktop development, my last mile in user interactions were WinForms, WPF... Read more

How we get inspiration... That’s interesting to observe how we’re getting influenced by things around us. How world we see and experience is determining what and how we do. Most of the time we’re not sensing the source of our actions and decisions. It’s... Read more