Hi, I'm Valeriu Caraulean, a Software engeneer.
Enthusiast developer and architect with main focus on everything around .NET and some Microsoft technologies -- about me


Migrating to new csproj format We’ve got a bunch of projects at work that are using the old style project file format. And since we’re already on Visual Studio 2017 and Rider, we were looking to new csproj format were the most interesting benefit would... Read more

Timestamp accuracy and resolution in NLog In one of internal projects we got a situation where our log management system was displaying entries from NLog in wrong “logical” order, despite being explicitly ordered by timestamp. Here are few insights I got after investigating the case. Let’s... Read more

Handling custom URI Schemes with ClickOnce This article will show how to handle URI schemes containing parameters in a ClickOnce applications. For example, a link like theapp://notificatons?eventId=124 can be handled by a ClickOnce application, where query parameters are passed in and can be handled by application... Read more

Install and configure Elasticsearch in Windows Recently I had to install & configure Elasticsearch and took some notes about it for further reference. Everything down here is actual at the moment of writing, March 2016 and Elasticsearch version 2.2.0. Elasticsearch official site Prerequisites Java Runtime Verify... Read more

Using Caliburn.Micro with async/await This post will give an overview of how you can use async/await features from C# 5.0 with Caliburn.Micro (CM). If you’ve found an error or want to complete the content please let me know in the comments. A sample application... Read more

Book review - NoSQL Distilled NoSQL Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Emerging World of Polyglot Persistence by Martin Fowler and Pramod J. Sadalage. For some time already I’ve been keeping an eye on rising popularity of NoSQL. From reading articles and blog posts about... Read more

Do less and achieve more with RavenDb If you’re after a document database for a .NET application it’s hard to miss the buzz around RavenDb. Although there are many other NoSQL databases that are getting much more attention and popularity, RavenDb distinguishes itself by being a native... Read more

Diving deeper in Reactive Extensions, concurrency I’ve started using Reactive Extensions, Rx library without digging too much in it’s internals. Had a case where I wanted to filter a stream of events and decided I’d try something new for me, Rx. But as it always happens... Read more

Evening time, time for fun Or for whatever keeps you entertained… This evening it started when I looked how to make Windows Live Writer store drafts in my SkyDrive. As usual, started with googling it. Found a trick with a registry key that should point... Read more