Hi, I'm Valeriu Caraulean, a Software engeneer.
Enthusiast developer and architect with main focus on everything around .NET and some Microsoft technologies -- about me


Using WP7's ProgressIndicator with Caliburn.Micro The Windows Phone SDK 7.1 introduced a new control to show the progress of long operations or interactions, ProgressIndicator. As I love much the Caliburn.Micro framework I got some time to integrate neatly ProgressIndicator with the rest of application and... Read more

Using WCF without configuration files I have recently published new project on GitHub, WcfWithoutConfigFile. This post is intended as a ‘readme’ file for this repository. It’s just a collection of simple projects that I’ve put together when a coworker asked me to show how he... Read more

The Life After Silverlight 5 There is a lot of panic in Microsoft eco-system caused by some rumors that Silverlight 5 will be the last of the family. Developers are crying about skills being buried and managers fearing about the future of in-house enterprise apps.... Read more

Cultural differences... Today I’ve been helping a coworker to bootstrap new project. Nothing fancy: ASP.NET site hosting WCF services, few POCOs and Entity Framework in Code First mode to persist them all. Interesting moment came when he wanted to see if his... Read more

Why Java always feels unnatural to Windows? I’m looking now at Java’s update application that wants to offer me latest version of it: the progress dialog has fonts remembering about the times of Windows 95 it’s impossible to move the dialog window clicking on close button has... Read more

Packing for vacation, preparing Kindle Loaded fresh stuff from Amazon: Rapid Development: Taming Wild Software Schedules Zero Day: A Novel The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing. A Book of Practical Counsel Waiting in the queue, if previous items will be done or... Read more

Integration of Caliburn.Micro and Telerik's Silverlight controls I’ve wrote already about how to use Telerik’s RadTabControl with Caliburn.Micro and profit from Caliburn’s conventions. That post is still getting considerable attention in my blog and also there are people are asking in Caliburn’s discussion list about such kind... Read more