Hi, I'm Valeriu Caraulean, a Software engeneer.
Enthusiast developer and architect with main focus on everything around .NET and some Microsoft technologies -- about me


On motivation, a quote... From “How will you measure your life?”: The theory of motivation suggests you need to ask yourself a different set of questions than most of us are used to asking. Is this work meaningful to me? Is this job going... Read more

Migrating from Silverlight to WPF, a case study A case study on porting an application that uses Caliburn.Micro and Telerik’s visual components from Silverlight to WPF I wrote that nobody should fear an eventual migration from Silverlight to WPF. But I wanted as well to work on a... Read more

Fearing about Silverlight's future? Don't... Just accept the facts, prepare & migrate to WPF when ready. When you have something worrying you, the best way to tackle it is to cut it straight and act on it. That’s the way to get it out of... Read more

Packed for vacation... It’s that happy time again, a (well deserved I think) vacation. Beach, sea, great food & drinks and, of course, lot’s of time to spend with family. This year, along the phones, iPad & notebook I’ve took a Nook Simple... Read more

New & shiny Windows Azure: taking the Tour How there is a lot of buzz in last few days about revamped Windows Azure, I cannot resist anymore and I’m giving it a try. I’ve read few blog posts about new features, Metro style UI & improved tooling. But... Read more

Hitting the limits... When you continuously seek out the limit, you’ll realize that it’s often much higher than you expected. Yes, you can make that screen even simpler than the bare-boned version you’re looking at. Yes, you can trust your employees much more... Read more

So, are you going to release?.. A good story (not the main for that article): … the keynote speaker shared a story about a failed project. He joined the project a couple of years into the development, and the team had yet to release anything to... Read more

Using WP7's Secondary Tiles with Caliburn.Micro There’s good guide on how to manage WP7’s Secondary tiles on MSDN. So, how are you doing it with Caliburn.Micro? Take same way, it just works! However, there’s a small touch of Caliburn.Micro goodness you can add to your code... Read more